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the latest from wjz from hartford connecticut. >> reporter: cars are having a tough time navigating the snowy roads in hartford connecticut. this family went out for lunch and got stuck. >> thank you so much. >> we were a little ways. >> luckily we got out of it. there were people out there to help us. >> reporter: across the northeast, millions of people are digging out are from up to 3 feet of snow and thousands in 8 states with still waiting for the lights and heat to come back on. crews are making progress with street cleaning, but the next challenge is getting rid of mountains of snow that are piling up all over town. bus service is getting back on track are. ray and doris gunter radar on one of the first -- arrived on one of the first buses. they celebrated their wedding anniversary in st. croix. and more than 5000 flights were canceled on thursday and friday and. crews are working to clear cars from the long island expressway are, trying to get one another of the busiest expressways open and ready in time for monday morning's commute. in h
. marley hall for cbs news, hartford, connecticut. >>> and we're going to go live to hartford in ten minutes. that storm is having a big impact on travel to and from the washington area. at this hour, new york's airports have reopened, but many flights from the washington area to new york and boston are canceled. when d.c. travel agent advises to go online before heading to the airport. amtrak train services running to new york, the service between new york and boston is shut down tonight. megabus says it canceled many bus trips between washington and maine. in all cases, passengers who have travel plans to the northeast corridor over the next several days, you should go online or call your airline, bus, or train company to learn the status of your transportation before heading out. >>> local power company crews are sending help north for those people that are stranded. we spoke just a few minutes ago to our local utility companies. pepco tells us it sent 150 crews to new jersey and southern new england to help restoring electricity and removing down trees from power lines. they sent
are digging out from several feet. marley hall has the latest from are hartford connecticut. >> reporter: road crews are working around the clock to clear streets, several states have lifted travel bans and airports are reopening, but it's taking a lot of work. >> everything's crazy since last night. >> reporter: a massive winter storm dumped more than 3 feet of snow in some places. new york's long island was one of the hardest hit. the heavy wet snow was too much for this home. >> i was out shoveling the walk and i looked over and i saw the roof begin to collapse. >> reporter: and firefighters had to rescue dozens of people trapped on local roadways all night! put on the three layers of clothing i brought and put some blankets over me and went to sleep. >> reporter: in massachusetts people worked together to clean up. >> we have a snow blower so my husband's somewhere in the neighborhood cleaning other people's houses and we're finishing up here. >> reporter: the nor'easter caused flooding in low lying areas along the massachusetts and maine coastli
back to him so we can talk to mayor segara. hartford has been hit by it we've got the mayor back again. are you with us? >> hi, good morning, how are you? >> we lost you a moment and glad to have you back. what is the situation like for nuhartford as it relates to the snow? >> we have a fleet of 40s trucks trying to clear the streasts and principle arteries . we are asking the public to please stay off of the road. they are slowing down our efforts in terms of doing the best we can in plowing and we'll not be able to get the side streets until we clear the major after theries. there is a driving ban in effect and state of emergency in our city. please, please. stay off of the roads. >> mayor, i hope people are hearing you loud and clear. what about the temperatures? we understand from our own fox meteorologist, that temperatures in your state and city may dip down to single digits tonight and some people are without power. do you know much shilters set up to help them to find relief from the cold? our shementirs are available for use. we only had 25 power out ages and they're confined
be on the way. . >> as we look at east hartford, it's from here further north and east in the state we think the snow could come down especially tomorrow night. much more on this approaching power house storm. . >>> lot of red on the board on wall street. dow down 42 and a half. nasdaq down three and a third. s&p500 down about 2 and three quarters. not a good day. >>> tonight's consumer alert a major merger is in the works that could mean higher price the next time you get on the plane. if it happens it would create the biggest airline in the world. air travel would probably get even more expensive. > mergers normally lead to higher prices. it means there is less competition and that means higher prices. >> on top of that airlines will continue to find ways to add more sur charges. american and united could announce a deal as early as next week but it'll take at least a year for it to be complete. >>> the decision to delay saturday mail could affect netflix. people are expected to watch fewer dvds for the same monthly price. movie that used to arrive on saturday won't arrive until monday
're talking about connecticut. ron allen live in hartford. oh, ron. a lot different there than it is here right now. >> i'm great this is where we came to work this morning. this as far as we can go. just outside our hotel. downtown hartford. snow close to 20 20inches no so parts of the state, it's hard to determine exactly what the impact of all of this is. i know late last night driving here, some of our crews got stuck trying to get two miles or less through the center of town, it's that bad there are a lot of cars stuck on the roadways around, people for the most part heeded the warnings to stay home, the governor very adamant about that, the roads here, massachusetts for the most part, are shut down, they have been towing cars and even some emergency vehicles have gotten stuck, right now, it's very cold out here as well. temperatures must be in the 20s and the forecast keeps it in the 20s all day, so it's going to be getting hard and very slippery throughout most of the day. the snow is continuing, i understand the forecast is saying it will start taper off, ease off around 9:00 this
of hartford, connecticut, this morning. there's something you don't see normally. you cannot see, well, any vehicles on the road there. there's a good reason for that. it's against the law to be on the road in that particular state unless you have some kind of emergency or are driving an emergency vehicle. again, live picture, it's hartford, connecticut, we continue to follow that blizzard in the northeast. >>> meanwhile, here are five other stories we are watching this morning. first, at daylight, search teams will return to california's big bear lake and that's for the hunt for an accused cop killer. but it's not clear if christopher dorner is even still in the area. police say they will keep a lookout until they find him or they are sure he is not there. the former cop is accused of killing three people, including a police officer and the daughter of a retired police officer. >>> number two, we now know what caused the lights to go out in new orleans in the super dome in the middle of the super bowl. a power company says it's traced the outage to a rely device. it caused the lights to go
particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. >>> good morning, hartford, connecticut, taking a live look there. and you can see the traffic is light to nonexistent. that's because it's against the law to drive unless you've got an emergency. >>> we want to give you another view of the storm. one of our favorites, actually, your view. george howell is keeping track of all the pictures, the videos sent in by our ireporters. what are you seeing from people living through this? >> you talk about connecticut. i want to start out on the lighter side of things. these images that people took just as the storm came in. look at abby and sophia here. in this big snowman. it's a lot bigger than them. that's how much snow fell there in connecticut. and, you know, that's what you see throughout the northeast. a lot of snow fell in a very short amount of time. and this morning, there will be a lot of kids, like abby and sophia who will have that ability to go out and make big snow men. that's pretty cool. i want to go to another image here. and this is sort of the situation you'll find in r
on the roads is going to be just treacherous from areas like new york city up through hartford through providence, rhode island and over into boston too and moving into central and northern new england. it's coming in pieces. we have a lot of moisture network with and a lot of cold air moving in as well. blizzard warnings are posted all along the coast of new england with eastern massachusetts likely the area that will get hit the hardest with power outages, a lot of wind damage, wind gusts could be as high as about 60 to 65 miles per hour. you can see boston could end up with more than two feet of snow. new york city should be closer to six to ten inches and hartford 12 to 18. that's the east. out west we have some weather of your own from san francisco down into l.a. we have a lot of showers out that way and those will continue to affect the coast of l.a. temperatures will only be in the 40s and 50s on the elko, nevada could end up with a wintry mix. snow in the northeast and rain in california. it should wind down tomorrow. >> i would take the rain if i had a choice. >> so i would.
. marine layery hull has latest from hartford, connecticut. >> reporter: the first flakes started falling in new jersey around 6:00 a.m. new york city joggers and dog walkers took the friday morning flurries in stride but by tomorrow, manhattan could be buried under a foot of snow. >> if it is crazy, stay in. if not, keep on moving. >> reporter: parts of new york and new jersey that are still recovering from superstorm sandy are bracing for powerful winds and storm surges. hundreds of plow trucks are ready to spread 250,000 tons of salt on city streets and roadways. here in hartford, connecticut, people are preparing for two feet of snow. power outages are a major concern because hurricane-force winds are expected to hit the city. this home depot in manchester, connecticut was busy this morning. people are stocking up on salt, flashlights and other storm supplies. >> i got some extra flashlights. as long as you've got everything you need, the not that bad. i wouldn't say i welcome it, that's for sure. >> reporter: amtrak trains will stop running between new york and boston this afternoon.
in hartford. roads are empty with drivers heading the governor's ban on driving. connecticut's governor warned of more power outages. >> as we see greater gusts we expect more folks to lose power. >> reporter: new york mayor is telling residents to stay tight. >> stay home, take it easy. >> reporter: when it is all over the hardest hit areas could see as much as 3 feet of snow n. hartford -- in hartford connecticut, marly hall wjz news. >> bob continues from the weather center. >> let's look at radar well developed, deep deep low pressure off nantucket. spinning those bands of heavy snow, boston, concord, new hampshire. eastern long island, new york city is not as heavy the storm moved a little faster to the east. new york will be linger being moderate snow for awhile -- lingering with moderate snow for awhile and later tonight clear out. as far as our region is concerned we have wind advisories in effect until 6:00 a.m. could gust over 40 miles an hour. you have already seen some of that across the region. across new england the heaviest snow is
, cruisers to working to clear snow covered roads. erica for ari has more from hartford, connecticut. >> reporter: still plenty of snow to shovel and plows. crews are trying to clear the roads. some 25 million people depend on them. many neighborhood streets remained buried and people can't get out. this video shows just how fast they came down. the heavy snow crushed the roof of this bowling alley. the way it was also too much for this home. it stopped traffic in parts of new york, long island. at least 150 people had to spend the night in their cars. >> i ran out of gas around 2:00 in the morning. >> what happened after that? >> just stuck it out. >> several deaths are blamed, including an 11-year-old boy. he was in his dad's car getting warmed up the tailpipe was locked with snow. >> several counties in connecticut sun records no totals with some towns getting more than 3 feet. all the crews can do is keep piling it up and that's creating huge snowbanks. >> on the coast snow is just one problem. hurricane force winds created a pow
, 10 to 15 inches. a report near 24 from downtown hartford. buffalo, 7. and we're waiting for updated snow totals in areas of eastern mass, where we should see 24 to 30 inches of snow. this lived up to the forecast and the hype with the power outages, a long day of cleanup and winds and windchills won't help at all. >> thank you for the update on that. new york city may be the city that never sleeps. certainly quieter than usual today. a foot of snow on the ground in some parts. joining me now is stephanie abrams with a smile on her face. good morning to you, stephanie. what's it like there? >> alex, good morning. we're doing quite well in times square. the front page of "the new york post." nemo bites, snowstorm socks city. the plows have been going around. let me show you what the streets look like. a little snow, a little slush, but plowing and on the back end of the plow trucks, salt poured out behind them. a great job in times square. look at the sidewalks, totally fine. a lot of people know that li in new york, the mound of snow that they push to the sides of streets. snow is ov
the transportation system. >> nobody is going anywhere here in hartford. the roads are empty with drivers heeding the governor's ban on driving. connecticut's governor also warned of more power outages. >> as we see greater gusts, we expect more folks to lose their power. >> new york city may not get the worst of the storm, but the mayor is telling residents to sit tight. >> stay home, read a good book, take it easy. >> when it's all over, the hazardest hit areas could see as much as 3 feet of snow. marley hall for cbs news, hartford, connecticut. >>> it's going to be rough overnight and high tide comes in the morning and that could result in coastal flooding. top, give us an idea, where is the snow and how much is piling up? >> some reports of 10 inches know in coastal connecticut. here are the heavy bands of snow. you can see the banding moving from the southeast across to the northwest. now it is filled in, even around northern new jersey. they were dry for a while and now they are looking at some more snow. the heaviest bands of snow are still right along the coastal connecticut area and
and hartford where up to two feet of snow are now expected. plus, the massive manhunt intensifying out west for a former police officer accused of killing at least three people, including a policeman. [ male announcer ] house rule number 53. big time taste should fit in a little time cup. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ >> in connecticut the governor announced a state of emergency. nbc's ron allen is in hartford where it is snowing. ron, oh, ron. it's already come down so hard. what are you expecting there in terms of what -- how hartford is going to get hit? >
area buried under deep snow. that's connecticut. we have nbc's ron allen standing by for us in hartford. it looks a little better. you were being pelted earlier today. >> reporter: yeah, it stopped snowing, alex. the temperatures are as ron was saying hovering around freezing. it's very cold out here. you can see a lot of blowing and drifting snow. over here, this is snow that's been plowed by the plows off the main roadway. it's about four feet tall. but there are snowdrifts in other parts of the state as high as 7 or 8 feet. the highest snowfall total is about 38 inches. overall at the airport it's about 32 inches. they're saying this is the second biggest snowstorm ever in connecticut. we're also hearing now about two fatalities. one an 81-year-old woman who we understand was snow blowing her property and was hit-and-run over by a car, a car that kept going apparently unaware that they had caused this accident. the second incident which you just heard about in danbury, connecticut according to the mayor there. a man was on his porch shoveling. apparently fell, hit his head somehow. a
knaus joining us. >>> hartford financial just posted numbers moments ago. find out how he plans to keep building on that stock. >>> then let the finger pointing begin. we have the latest on what caused last night's power outage at the super bowl. no, it was not beyonce's fault. at least probably not, anyway. >>> and then can money buy expensive watches but can it buy happiness as well? we'll talk about that. frank will have surprising results from a new study. back in a moment. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college grad
the hartford courant set out to investigate two important stories. first, haunting questions. who was adam lanza? >> adam had episodes where he would completely withdraw. >> and what clues are there in his relationship with his mother? >> he was never violent. she never feared him. >> nancy lanza is the person adam was closest to in the world. if we can begin to understand adam's relationship with nancy, we probably can begin to un>>rstand adam. d >> and inur second ory, a town dided over ns. >> when they pass a law that violates the constitution, i will not comply. >> and how the shootings have moved grieving newtown residents to join the debate. >> you have a tremendous power. and the fact that you're from newtown is even more important. >> we cannot be defined as a culture that accepts this. >> things must change. this is the time. >> these two stories in this special edition frontline. >> frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major support for frontline is provided by the john d. an
starts to build. >> reporter: from hartford to boston and elsewhere. >> if you get a winter snowstorm, you could get 27 inches of snow. >> reporter: it could be an historic winter storm. and it was the motivation many needed to stock up on supplies. >> flashlight, salt, shovel. >> reporter: in hard hit brick township, new jersey, still recovering from superstorm sandy, nerves are frayed as they prepare again for storm surge. >> just really scared. terrified. >> reporter: at this boston area home depot, a much-needed shipment of ice melt arrived. >> new england tonight is struggling with the worst snowfall in its history. >> reporter: for many here, the looming storm brings back memories of the '78 blizzard, a nor'easter that battered the region 35 years ago this week, dumping as much as 3 feet of snow, killing 100, stranding many more. fred baylist remembers it well. >> it's acal cliche but it was perfect storm, hit right at rush hour, continued and came very fast. >> reporter: officials say they're ready for a wallop, loading sand and salt on to trucks, a fleet that could number 900
. people in areas buried under the snow have to deal with frigid temperatures here in hartford, connecticut, it's expected to drop into the single digits overnight. thousands of people will have to brave those temperatures outelectricity. at the height of the storm, more than 650,000 people lost power and officials say that it will take time to restore it. >> this is going to be a multi- day event. could be monday, could be tuesday. people need to brace themselves and they need to find shelter if they are cold. >> reporter: while the cleanup continues, some people are trying to enjoy this big blast of winter. marley hall for cbs news. >>> it's a fantastic day for a giants. >> fans get a chance of a lifetime to meet and say hello to the san francisco giants >>> we are less than 24 hours from music's most exciting night of the year. a power house of stars will take stage at the yamies. we'll take you backstage for a look at the rehearsal. >>> the abun damages of sunshine in the forecast is music to many people's here is but we could use more rain. the rain drops and when we can expect it. the
the snowy roads in hartford, connecticut. this family went out for lunch and got stuck. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> luckily we got out of it. people were there to help us. >> reporter: across the northeast, millions of people are digging out from up to three feet of snow. thousands are still waiting for the lights and heat to come back on. crews are making progress with street cleaning, but the next challenge is getting rid of mountain of snow that's piling up all over town. bus service is getting back on track. they arrived on one of the first buses arriving here. the couple just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, getting home was an adventure. >> it is not amtrak. nothing was running. so we couldn't get up there. >> now you get to be snowed in together. >> yes, until valentine's day. >> reporter: air travel is also returning to normal after more than 5,000 flights were canceled on friday and saturday. and in new york crews are working to clear stranded cars from the long island express way. they are trying to get one of the businessest express ways open in time for monday
at 18 plus inches in a large area of southern new england. boston, hartford, providence worcester, and we're going to have whiteout conditions, blowing and drifting snow and travel is shut down. so it's a huge storm. the question we have to try to answer, and the jury is still out, is how big is it going to be? is it going to rival the 27.6 inches that fell in february 17th and 18th of 2003 in boston? that is a possibility. hartford's all-time snow, january 12, 2011, 24 inches. >> shepard: a winter mix all day, since 8:00 this morning. but you guys have said all along, and so has hour team, that when these two systems merge, that's when the worst of it begins. what time does it look like to you guys? >> i think it's already started now. we're starting to change over to snow in new york city. that's an indication that the cold air is being drawn in. and it's not just the combination of the northern storm and this gulf moisture. it's the arctic air that came in across new england a couple of days ago, and if you look at a satellite and you look at a radar, take a look at what you se
pick up in most places until later this evening. marchly hall has the latest from hartford, connecticut. >> anita, this winter storm is packing quite a punch. the worst is yet to come. >> the icy sleet that pelted new york city this afternoon is turning into a full blown snowstorm this evening. by tomorrow, manhattan could be buried under a foot of snow. >> if it gets crazy, stay in. if not, you know, keep on moving. that's how new york is. >> a nasa satellite photo shows the nor easter colliding with another storm from the west. creating a wintery double whammy for the northeast. coastal neighborhoods still recovering from superstorm sandy are preparing for hurricane force winds and storm surges. residents in hartford, connecticut, started clearing the first few inches of snow this afternoon. they are expecting 2 feet. connecticut's governor declared a state of emergency. >> do yourself and the state a favor and stay off the highways. >> people are filling gas cans to fill their generators in case the power goes out. and ed filled up his plow truck. he bought gas for generators y
system. >> nobody is going anywhere here in hartford. the roads are empty. several governors declared emergencies and are already warning about the cleanup ahead. >> the recovery will be slow. people should prepare for that. >> with a blower and a shovel, this team has their snow removal down to a science. >> we have a measuring tape out back. every eight inches, i'm going to knock off 8 inches. >> the mayor is telling residents to sit tight. take it easy. >> when it's all over, the hardest hit areas could see as much as 3 feet of snow. marley hall for cbs news, hartford, connecticut. >>> the east coast snowstorm is having a big impact on bay area travel. that's right, dozens of flights had to be grounded or delayed today at sfo with more expected tomorrow. flights into and out of newark, jfk, and boston's logan airport have been the most affected. >> i feel like i should go back to hawaii. we came from hawaii yesterday. so why didn't they call us there and say you don't have to come back. >> find out about flight delays before heading to the airport. you can find a link to the
hours. in hartford, connecticut tonight, cbs report ir is reporting live and marly i would have to assume it is not just the intense snowfall, it is that wind you're getting some gusts up to 60 miles an hour. >> that's right. gusty winds here in hartford, connecticut, and that's fart of the reason why no one is going anywhere. the roads behind me, as you can see, are empty with most people heat heeding officials' warnings to stay inside. now, blizzard warnings are in effect from parts of new jersey to maine with wind gusts up to 70 -- 75 miles per hour. travel is virtually impossible right now. drivers in two states have been ordered to stay off the roads. mass transit is a mess and thousands of flights are cancelled through saturday. there are also thousands of people without power several officials have declared emergencies and are already warning about the cleanup ahead. >> as we see greater gusts we expect more foeshgs to lose their power. >> the recovery will be slow. people should prepare for that. >> stay home, read a good book, watch a movie take it easy. >> the hardest-
from a hartford county farms are getting a new chance at life tonight. christie alleto has more on their long road to recovery. >> reporter: the horses are in the early stages of rehabilitation but the good news is they're already showing signs of progress. indiana eats five meals a day now, but earlier this month, hartford county says she and five other horses were almost starved to death at a horse farm. >> malnourished, emaciated. >> it's the worse you've ever seen an animal? >> it is one of the worse yes. >> reporter: hartford county officials say the farmer could no longer care for the animals was in the process of giving them away, in turn the horses became grossly underweight. >> you can see the spine all the way down to the back. >> reporter: the body condition scale is used to measure horses conditions. five is acceptable. they still have a couple hundred pounds more to pack on. something that caretakers say could take months. >> a horses rehabilitation is very slow because you don't want to shove food down into their system too quick
's ron al within the very latest from hartford. >>> good evening, craig. every hour the conditions here have deteriorated. state officials are anticipating the snowfall here at about 5 inches an hour into the night. and the winds picking up. we were talking to the governor earlier today, he said that was one of his biggest concerns, gusting winds, 30, 40 miles per hour, sustain for a period of time. along with the snow. that's a blizzard. and that's what could cause the real problems here. they expect about 30% of the state to be knocked out of power. and that could go on for several days, because some of the power linesburied, it will take time to undig them and for the workers to even get out there. they have people from michigan, north carolina, south carolina, here to help. people have been heeding the warnings, they've been off the roads and staying hunkered down at home. again, the worst of it is now starting to roll in here in connecticut. craig, back to you. >> ron in hartford, thanks to you, sir. here's the thing, bill karins, i want to bring in our nbc meteorologist here. as y
reported nancy had multiple sclerosis, but frontline and the hartford courant were unable to confirm. >> wednesday, march 31, 1999, nancy writes: "ryan's and adam's birthdays are coming up. ryan is having an "old friend" party and a "new friend" party. adam is having only a "new friend" party, but he has 26 new friends! adam is doing well here, and seems to enjoy the new school." what an adorable class, huh? and where's your son? wait, don't tell me. i'm gonna guess, i'm gonna guess. there. >> no, that's adam. >> oh, that's adam? >> yeah. >> narrator: the new school adam was so fond of was sandy hook elementary school. he was six years old and in the first grade. wendy wipprecht's son miles, who is autistic, was in adam's class at sandy hook. and was invited to his "new friend's" birthday party. wendy now has parkinson's. >> adam had his sixth birthday party and invited a group of kids to go. that's where i remember talking with nancy. nancy was concerned about adam. he was shy, a little withdrawn, quiet. she was worried that perhaps he had some kind of neurobiological condition. >>
think 20, 30 inches is still possible for eastern massachusetts, providence, and probably hartford, connecticut. new york city has been mixing on and off rain and snow mix all day long. long island has been a rain mess for most of the day and even into stat ten een island. all of this will turn over to snow. you're seeing snow now in new hampshire. that will pile up 20 inches easy. the farther you are to the east, the longer you will be in the storm's path. that means you're going to get the storm for longer. here's the storm at 6:00. directly due south of rhode island. by tonight at midnight, this is when it's the worst. this is the closest approach. this is when a fire hose, i've been calling it, of snow comes in. like a snow machine on a ski slope pours on from portland down into new hampshire, boston, and fills in with these 10 to 15-inch snowfalls. we will get two to three inches of snowfall per hour and, wolf, i know someone out there -- ireporters will take pictures or at least video of thundersnow tonight. it will had come down that hard for people at some of these times. >
-blown snowstorm begins from boston to the hartford area and definitely around prove d providence. that's when the storm will be the strongest. that's when we'll have the blizzard conditions, high tide cycle. very dangerous at 10:00 a.m. near boston. that's when the highest winds will be felt. storm surge of two to four feet. if we're going to see houses damaged and falling into the water, we go early throughout tomorrow morning. again, the snowfall totals, they look pretty certain. one to two feet, a wide section of maine, southern new hampshire, massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island with a possibility of a bulls eye of 24 to possibly 30 inches of snow. that's where it's historic. still, widespread all the way from buffalo down to philadelphia and new york city by the time we're all done. as far as the boston area goes, that's where we expect the worst to develop during the day and tonight. al roker brings us up to date. al? >> reporter: bill, thank you so much. everybody's now comparing this to the blizzard of 1978 and if you look back at some of the archival data, there is a resemblance
joins us from hamden, connecticut. >> reporter: in hartford, take a look. this is a whole lot of snow. and one of the big problems is the whipping wind. literally, the wind is painful. all roads here in connecticut, shut down right now. in connecticut, a state of emergency. >> if you don't currently have a reason to be on the road, if you're not emergency personnel that's required to report to work somewhere, stay home now. >> reporter: a warning in hopes of preventing scenes like this, the aftermath of a tractor-trailer accident on snow-swept i-95. but some residents are braving the storm to fill up their gas tanks before gas runs out. >> we have a generator. a lot of people don't. >> they're not getting trucks or anything until after the storm. that could be until sunday. >> reporter: across the state, 235 national guard troops are helping with roads, health and welfare checks and emergency transportation. as emergency crews try to get through, officials don't want them to hit heavy traffic like this. some 800 state and private plow crews are out in force, clearing out roads. that's
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